The youth of Bangladesh are spreading themselves


The youth of Bangladesh are spreading themselves. In many cases, their talent is spreading in the country, the street is spreading beyond the country. Youth is heard loud Every year, on the ‘New Year’s Day’ special number of young talented young people. In this year 1425 new Banga’s ‘Holidays’ are highlighting sports, music, film, TV drama, photography, social business, architecture – bright young people of different fields. Our best wishes for the pioneering youth. One of them is Parimoni.

The work of writing the screenplay of Swapnjal film ended in 2015. Prior to pre-production or shooting, the work was done. Apu’s character quickly remodeled Casting Sonya (Actor Yash Rohan) I worked in Apu, I already knew Actor couple Naresh Bhuiyan and Artist Government Apoor Major boy The babes are fond young. Goladhalera white character There is a need for a woman Looking for him in Dhaka, Sarker-Shuva is not found in Calcutta. Casting Suvra does not match anymore There was some kind of tiredness on yourself One time someone said, ‘Look at the pyramini.’ Photo: Kabir Hossain
Feminine Photo: Kabir Hossain

I went to see him in the FDC. The identity is with Pramini The thing is The work started with Swapnjal, working with Parimani

Swapnjal is a beautiful girl in the house next to Shuvra. Knows a little dance, knows more than that song, gets struggling with the need, falls under the pressure of excessive pressure. A full character

I have not seen the slightest idea about Parimani’s performance. After the audition, I think it will be done. After the test in front of the camera, my enthusiasm increased. I noticed a great quality of her gaming sessions – and she can learn very quickly In my judgment so long ago, the heroine was an idea, not a character. Acting as a heroine and acting Here he was told that you are a heroine, you should shine the character of Shuvra, Shuvara.

Within two or three days of shooting began, Parimoni started to become white. As soon as he grows, he finds himself deep in the depths of white. I love this quality Shuvra, Birahi Shuvra, struggling Shuvra, and helpless shiver, in the private life of Chanchamani Parimoni screen. This is not a simple matter Acting is a very tough banana The actor does not own himself This is a matter of meditation

I will tell from my manager’s place, the successful Paramoni After the release of Swapnjal it is clear in the response of the audience. In my personal life, I have seen him as well, friendly, deserving, persistent Nobody can get a job by scolding him But if you love it, then do not talk about it – you will try and give it to you And the results of honesty

Remembering shooting in Kolkata In the country But working with new technicians, new technicians How is the experience, how to adapt, there is no idea About 90 percent of Calcutta’s scenes on the white scenes I told him, I heard that the actors of Kolkata are very professional. They adhere to the time, it comes only right There is no disagreement from our side. If anything, the country will become dishonored If you want to wake up every six hours and work up to ten in the night, 12 days to finish.

She smiled on my words and finished shooting on the asshole for a long time. Other artists had a day off, there was no call or advance leave. There was no excitement of testing Her ability to work harder surprised me Apart from this, his adaptation-ability is remarkable The ability of an actor to take him far away When Swapnjal went to work in the unit, the only other artist, except Misa Sougargar, was the newcomer to him. The work is not known But never working He is very well mixed In the end, I would say, Bengali movie is a youthful artist He will be able to inspire the Bengali film on day by day.

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