The semifinal preparation with the win surreal real


Real Madrid are unlikely to win La Liga In the current season, now the Champions League final assurance. The Spanish giants will face Bayern in the second leg of the Champions League semi-final on Wednesday. Regardless of the Champions League semi-final, almost all of the regular players were kept resting against Legenes. However, Zidane has trusted Gareth Bale and Karim Benzema in the attack. Benzema-Bellera has rewarded Zidane’s confidence. On Saturday night in Santiago Bernabeu, Real-A had won 2-1 in the La Liga match against Legenes Real.

Real in the eighth minute of the match, Bell goes ahead with the goal. After that, Real made many good opportunities. But the number of goals could not increase. In the 29th minute, Legnese kept the Bustinja preservative, but could only increase the number of goals Real. After a while, Real Madrid’s goalkeeper trapped one more shot in Real. Then, with the chance of unbeatable football in Laganes, Borgo Mayoral took the scoreline 2-0 in the 45th minute. Hosts leave the field in the first half by 2-0 goals.

In the second half, play for an attack-counter attack just for a while. In the 66th minute of the match, Zidane disciplines to reduce the goal of defending the goal of the Bronxak (2-1) Legnese. Branshank scored a goal from legnose player Usabat’s cross. After that no team found the goal. Legion’s captain Gabriel has found a red card in the match with the referee at the last flute market moment. Although this win does not have much effect in La Liga, the preparation of the Champions League with the win is good.

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