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Thinking of creating another Facebook or its rival? There is no need for Facebook to buy a bucket of money, you can not fake it or you can do it?

Think of WhatsApp, WhiteSap is the most popular messaging app, launched in 2009 by John Coom and Brian Acton, WhatsApp. Facebook has all the advantages of communicating with the exchange of messages. But in 2014, Facebook has acquired $ 1,900 million in WhatsApp. In just four years, Facebook has been listening to WhiteSap’s problems. The BBC has said that he has announced the return of his established CEO, John Koum, to Facebook, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg praised a commentator here, diameter, an entrepreneur! Of course, before joining Facebook under WhiteSap, another co-founder Acton is now running anti-Facebook campaigns.

This is the company’s picture on Facebook; But what are the outreach initiatives? Novin Salvadori, co-founder of mobile location-based social networking website, says that in 2010, social media entrepreneurs such as Twitter, Tumblr, and Rumble could be compatible with Facebook. But Facebook plans differently that year in the Facebook ‘check-in’ name brought a feature so that it can be identified in any place. This is the main feature of the Foursquare app, which is directly duplicated to Facebook

What are the organizers to do? Salvadori wrote an alliance name against Facebook. She discussed Path, Instagram, Survival Strategies with twitter friends. These initiatives are directly threatening to come to Facebook by imitating all the basic features of this initiative on Facebook’s Risk Face.

Salvadori said, ‘This is a very common sense. Facebook then told an organization that joins us, or else we would give you a copy of it. ‘

According to Salvador, Facebook is building a walled garden instead of the open internet. Those whom they did not like, have lost their lives, which can be reached to millions of people – they have to do these things themselves. It was tried to compete against Salvadori’s and anti-Facebook allies

For the most part, Snippet Snakechat Stories feature is the most recent victim of Snapechat Snakechat Stories feature. For many days, Zuckerberg has tried to snapshot the bug, in 2013, Facebook wants to buy Snapechat with about $ 300 million, but Mark Zuckerberg did not agree to sell himself as the founder and chief executive of Snapechat Ivan Spiegel Rather than competing with all the interesting features, Facebook started then duplicate work on various issues of Snapechat.

Social communication initiatives to deal with a Facebook threat: Reuters
Social communication initiatives to deal with a Facebook threat: Reuters

A report by Wired Magazine said that anti-Facebook alliance was not too far away. Yahoo bought Instagram for just US $ 100 million in 2012, after the purchase of Tumblr 110 million US dollars a year. The name of the stone’s popularity collapsed and was later sold. While the Foursquare is independent, its app is moving forward in a couple of new plans

Salvadori Foursayer was released in 2012. He said many reasons behind the development of his organization. According to him, people did not know about their condition before, it was enjoyable to create various internet products. But now it has become difficult because now big players have become bigger

Of course, Facebook is now dealing with a lot of storms, especially after the Cambridge Analysis Crash. Social media organizations are not relieved about the increase in Facebook all over the world, Mark Zuckerberg expressed his sorrow over the fact that the cracks used by Facebook’s information by Cambridge Analyst.

In the US presidential election, Cambridge Approach is working on Donald Trump’s camp for Facebook users and their friends have access to their database. Facebook authorities say they find this information in the name of their misunderstandings research. They claim that this information will be used only for research. It contains people’s name, location, gender, their preferences, and dislikes. This incident has become known as the Cambridge Animation Crash

After this incident, there is a storm of criticism against Facebook on the Previs. Europe and the US regulatory bodies seem to have become much bigger and stronger. The biggest thing is the ‘confidence crisis’ created by the users. Various media on Facebook are accusing their content of not being shown properly. But the biggest allegation is that Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are complaining that Facebook’s aggressive plans are hindering innovation

From the year 2012, the social networking application became popular, from the fake to the allegations

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