Can you cancel the nuclear deal and get trump?


May the President trump the verdict on May 12 of not keeping the nuclear deal with Iran. On May 12, he threatened to come out of the contract. According to that if he really does that, then we have to go further to a disaster. In the Middle East, there will be a war of untimely war.

60 years ago, the US made a mistake as a fool, he still has to pay for his reparation. In a speech in September of 2017, Senator Barney Sanders raised a coup in 1953 in CIA in Iran. Iran’s elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh was overthrown in the coup. Considering the interests of the West, cruel, corrupt and unpopular Shah was installed in power. Sanders explained, in 1979, anti-American revolutionaries led by Ayatollah Khomeini to oust Shah and established the Islamic Republic in Iran. Sanders threw the question, “What would Iran look like today if the democratic government was not overthrown at that time?” What was the long-term impact of the American-backed coup? In continuation of this, do we have to go through the damages? ‘

The answer to these questions of Sanders is that in the year 1979 the Islamic Revolution would not have happened even if the United States did not fall for the democratic government of Iran, and the West did not have any conflict with Iran’s leaders for decades. In response to the 1979 revolution, the long-term conflict in the region started. The leaders of the new revolutionary government have been involved in conflict with the Sunni leadership of the Middle East in Saudi Arabia. That conflict continues today. After the Islamic Revolution, Iranians began to think of Israel as the obedient sovereign of the United States and they are vocal against the persecution of the Palestinians. Both Saudi Arabia and Israel have been trying to drag the United States into their own rivalry with Iran for decades. Both Saudi Arabia and Israel have opposed the nuclear deal with Iran.

Iran does not have a nuclear weapon, and Israel has few hundred nuclear weapons reserves. Yet, Israel went to the US military to inspect bombs on Iran’s nuclear facilities. On the other hand, spending thousands of dollars in the spread of intolerant Wahhabi ideology throughout the world, Saudi Arabia says Iran is spreading terror in the world.

The hardlinest Sunni ideology of Saudi Arabia is considered as the ideological platform of terrorist groups such as IS from al-Qaeda. Although Iran’s government is not as repressive as the Saudi monarchy, there is no democracy. There are restrictions on individual freedom in Iran. Many restrictions have been imposed in almost all branches of the government. But if they withdraw from the contract they will be released from the obligation and conservative religious leaders will become overly courageous. The conservative leaders, who are against the West, will be forced to step aside and leave the power to the President, known as liberal President Hassan Rouhani. Conservatives will bring more persecution to the secular and liberal ordinary people.

Strengthening the hardline, the chaos in the region will increase further. The Islamic Revolutionary Army (IRGC), Iran’s most influential military, is responsible for keeping the Islamic government free of internal and external threats. Together with allies like Hezbollah, IRGC is fighting a proxy with Saudi Arabia from Yemen to Syria. The main concern of the trump is three ‘H’. They are Hezbollah, Hamas and Hutti. But if he leaves the contract, then these three ‘H’ can go out of his reach. If the exit from the contract, the IRGC will have the moral right to publicly cooperate. Iraq, Afghanistan and other places in the Middle East have the presence of US and Israeli forces, where IRGC will show courage to attack.

Iran will get the freedom to resume its nuclear activities when the deal breaks, and they will start working fast to build weapons. France, Britain, Germany, Russia and China, the other countries signing the treaty want the agreement to remain intact. They will also get annoyed with the United States if they exit the agreement. French President Emanuel Makhon recently visited Washington. During the tour, he requested Trump to not leave the contract. On Friday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel also met Trump and gave him the same message.

This nuclear deal has not only been between six nations, but it is not. With this, the whole United Nations system is related. The Security Council passed this agreement with a 15-0 vote. If the agreement breaks, the trust of the international structure will be shaky. In this, the international community’s respect for the US leadership will also go down a lot.

And now, especially the talks with North Korea are going on. Talks with North Korea will also become uncertain if the deal with Iran is broken. If the United States withdraws from the agreement of the International Council of Iran, the same kind of agreement will be done to North Korea?

That is why the Trump administration should not only be respectful of the agreement that has been made with Iran but should also seek to bring regional peace back to improving relations with Tehran. But sadly, Trump’s national security adviser John Bolton and Foreign Minister Mike Pompe also took the opposite to this policy. Now we have to come forward to stop them.

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