Black Hat SEO Tactics & How RankBrain can Sniff Them Out

SEO has entirely changed in past decade, the old tactic which was being used almost has demolished. Old gurus had been used many black hat tactics to rank a website, and at that time they were quite successful. One thing you can say about Search engine optimization and the device which controls all factors of search engines and ranking Hummingbird, it changes constantly.

In 2015 when Google bombard the spammers and so-called bloggers when they introduced RankBrain, the third most important factor in ranking a website. If you do not know about the first and second factor of ranking a website, then you had not been involved in search engine marketing. First, the factor is a backlinking and second factor is the content length.

Now, it is being called that Google trying his best to find ways which can determine the ranking without of checking the backlinks.



What are black hat techniques?

In past days there were some black hat SEO techniques and tactics that user would utilize to rank higher in search engines.

In 90’s when Google and other search engines, were only limited to search and index content on the basis of keyword’s title and it was not concerned what was deep down in the post. People used to repeat the same keyword phrase again and again without of any purpose to rank that keyword.

Google evolved from that tactics after that Google starting having close eyes on the backlinks. And it was considered as the most important factors at that time, though it is important to still but with some changes. In that time, you would have great numbers of relevant and irrelevant backlinks.

Now, Google started penalized the websites which got irrelevant or bad backlinks and now only niche related backlink only send the link juice to the website.

Though, the cheater and black sheep’s attempt to stay one step- ahead of the search engines.

Now, the search engines seem going up by leaps and bounds and developed something to combat black hat tactics once and for all.

Indulging Artificial Intelligence in Search engine marketing

Since the time, the artificial Intelligence was started growing, and the positive results started coming from this. Google had decided to put this in Search engine optimization field.

You had seen Artificial intelligence works in Google’s car. Where the cars do not get any commands or there is not built in features indulges in them. These cars do work what they seem correct accordingly the time and the past experience.

Though still, the cars are not enough capacity to run in the streets, there are not vital reasons for not putting them in streets though.

What does RankBrain do?

As far as we know, this is machine learning that is behind this RankBrain which was rolled out back in 2015.

The changes made by this RankBrain was not sudden, these were subtle changes and slowly kicked out all the So-called SEO gurus which were using black hat tactics to rank their websites.

User Behavior:

I must say, the changes which were made by the RankBrain were very important, and these changes had changed the search engine optimization entirely. Now, you will not hear the word Keyword or use them properly etc.

Now, what the RankBrain do, it checks the deep down article, with all the backlinks, and generally get the idea about that article. If the writer had written an article by putting keyword phrase repeatedly, it can find it worthless and kick out from the ranking or get the exact idea what should be the ranking of that webpage.

You can say all the changes which are made all by providing users mind-blowing results.

Now, Google understands what the user wants to get.

For example, if you search on Google

“Barak Obama’s Wife Date of Birth”

This will not show any web pages or articles, direct date of birth of Barak Obama’s Wife.

These changes were made after developing of RankBrain.

If you want to search the definitions of a keyword or want to know the meaning of a keyword, Google shows the definition of that keyword using RankBrain.

You would have seen these changes after 2015.

We should say, for RankBrain it is the user-experience which matters more than anything else.

I have seen many bloggers claiming the length of an article or etc., length does not matter, and the thing which matters is why user landed on your website.

If you are providing the plumber services, the length of your article got no meaning for the users.

Same in the row, if you had made a website giving download links to applications, then content length does not matter for the user.

RankBrain had Crushed Black Hat:

The changes made by the RankBrain are very important, and it had changed the search engine industry completely.

Now, after the releasing of this Technique, the users had been increased.

Though the rank braid is performing well- Google will have to think about spamming and the loopholes in PBNs websites.

This RankBrain not only analyzes the user’s search pattern but the content as well.

Keyword stuffing was the biggest problem which Google had to face, and through the years, it had to rely on Keyword to rank a website, but, now when RankBrain Launched, Google analyzes the complete webpage of a website.

And if there are some incoherent added keyword and phrases without of any contextual meaning, then this penalize the website or at least de-index it.

If Google Notices, the keyword or phrases use in your content out of context or forcefully added to a topic, you will start seeing a drop down in your traffic.

Final Words Black Hat SEO Tactics

One most important thing about RankBrain, there is no hidden commands given to this. It works according to the past experience and machine learning. There are no specific codes or green signals which can cover it, there is all user experience which covers this. Also on page SEO is very important if you want to by-pass RankBrain.  Don’t know how to check all factor on your webpage? No Worries check this onpage seo checker tool to figure out all seo mistakes on your webpage.

RankBrain is all about making it simpler for the users, it means putting all the SEO cheaters at the end of the search results. Which manipulate the search engines ranking by link building, cloaking, keyword stuffing and spamming?


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